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Learn ways to advance your career and gain the most out of life in women's lectures from Cecile C. Weich, ESQ. Whether in the formal setting of a giant lecture hall or the family room of a neighbor's home, she blends kindness with truth to inform, enlighten, and enrich listeners.

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Cecile C. Weich, ESQ is a general practice law firm in Chester, Maryland, handling a broad range of cases, from family, real estate, and corporate matters to estates, bankruptcy, wills, labor relations, and discrimination. With a busy law career, stable family life, and diverse interests, Ms. Weich is vibrant, multifaceted, and a role model for women inspiring the new millennium generation. "I'm always hungry for more of what life has to offer," she says.

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Contact her today to schedule an appointment for legal representation. She has handled hundreds of Divorce and Family Law cases with knowledge, kindness and success.